‘London Detention’: Confusion As Peter Obi Denies UK Govt Apology

Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi has denied receiving an apology letter from the UK Government over his detention by immigration officers at London’s Heathrow Airport.
According to reports, Obi was detained in London on charges of impersonation.

On Thursday, rumors began circulating that British authorities had issued an apology.

But in a statement on Thursday, Diran Onifade Head, Obi-Datti Media, said: “We have received a request for a so-called apology, allegedly from the UK government or one of their agency, to our principal, Mr. Peter Obi. , as part of a routine immigration encounter with him, upon his arrival in London, for a brief visit last Friday, April 7.

“We would like to state emphatically that we are not aware of any such apology, and have not issued any statement whatsoever, in that regard. While we continue to examine any dubious or political motive, on the part of the perpetrators of the identity theft, we have every confidence in the ability of the British authorities to resolve the matter, to conclusion,” Onifade said.

He said the former Governor of Anambra and the LP/PCC have since continued and continue to focus entirely on legal proceedings in the Electoral Claims Court to restore their mandate, what they believe. thought has been overwhelmingly expressed. by voters in the February 25 presidential elections.

However,  Atiku Abubakar’s presidential campaign spokesman Daniel Bwala said the British government had apologized to Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi for his detention at Heathrow Airport.

In a statement Wednesday from Campaign Council spokesman Diran Onifade, the LP presidential candidate was later released after being questioned over a duplicate identity, suggesting someone had impersonated Obi in London.

Taking to his Twitter account on Thursday, Bwala announced that the British government had apologized to Obi for sending him an illegal detention note.

He wrote:

“British government apologised to Peter Obi for illegally serving him a detention note.

“Can you now put a ‘respek’ on his name? We are now waiting for US government to apologise to Tinubu for illegally collecting the forfeited dollars.

“Asiwaju fans oya start throwing the insults.”


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