Loan Apps Wahala! How Can I Stop My Wife From Leaving Me?

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I’ve been married for three years, and we’ve been together for five years. The best thing that has ever happened to me was and still is her.

I’m at a loss for where to begin because I find it difficult to accept that my wife is divorcing me.

Guys, After some thugs stole my bike last year, I believe the issue began. Aside from a few home lessons that I used to teach but stopped due to health issues, that was my main source of income.

The financial situation has been challenging, and I genuinely don’t know what else to do.

Shortly after my bike was stolen, I got a loan from lapo and added with my little savings to enter palm oil business. I wish I had not done so as I ended up losing about 80k because the guy I worked with cheated me whole heartedly.

My wife had to get a job as a teacher in a private primary school. I told her it was just temporary as I was working to raise money for her start a poultry.

In order to clear the lapo loan, I had to do odd jobs and take loan from loan apps. My wife’s little salary of 20k became the major source of feeding while I battled to clear the loan.

Sometimes I would borrow from friends to pay the loan app to be able to borrow a higher amount from the loan apps again. This was a mistake and a trap cos now I am so much indebted to these loan apps. I am even owing some friends and right now I am unable to pay back.

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I have been in debt for over 8 months now to these loan apps. They have tarnished my Image to all my contacts.

I even stopped going to church because most of my church members who received messages from these loan apps did not even care to hear me out. They believed the loan apps that I am a fraudster on the run.

My wife started feeling ashamed of me. She stopped associating with me in public spaces. I know she has tried. Nobody deserves to pass through what she is passing through.

This afternoon when she came back from work, she told me that she would be going back to her parents house

She said that it is best she goes back to her people until I am able to sort my self out.

Guys I have tried to be strong for so long. Right now I don’t think I can hold on anymore. I have always believed that things would turn out well, but right now I am in a low place. I don’t know how long I can hold on again.

Last month I tried to even get a security job that pays 25k monthly. But I feel so discouraged to do the job. How long will I work to clear a loan of 320k that keeps adding interest daily.

Thoughts of suicide have been crossing my mind today. I really need help

What Can I Do?

I don’t even have the energy to pray.

Has anyone ever been in my shoes? If yes how did you come out?

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