Kyle Kuzma has been oftentimes criticized for his play out on the court. While the young Lakers star has a ton of offensive talent, he is also prone to mistakes and while he continues to learn the game, some Lakers fans have been impatient with his development. Over the past year, fans have made petitions demanding Kuzma not get a championship ring, and at times, Kuzma has deactivated his social media as a result. Regardless, Kuzma is ready for a big season with the Lakers and it appears as though LeBron James has his back.

The Hoop Central Twitter account recently asked its followers who they thought was going to take a big leap in 2021. Without skipping a beat, LeBron replied to the account simply saying “Kyle Kuzma!”

In the past, LeBron has been hard on his teammates while out on the court, although this is simply because he is trying to get the best possible performances out of them. Clearly, LeBron has a lot of faith in Kuzma and with the season starting in just a few short weeks, the Lakers superstar is instilling some confidence within his young teammate.

Only time will tell whether or not LeBron’s prediction comes true.

Kyle Kuzma