Members of Chief Monday Ehimuan family of Esan Local Government Area of Edo State, have been attacked and murdered in cold blood by the people of their Community over an issue of land in the Community.
Speaking with Ika Weekly Newspaper Reporter, an eye witness who pleaded on the condition of anonymity stated that Chief Monday Ehimuan, and his children, went through pains in the hands of their community members and the Government of Edo State of Nigeria which had prompted the relocation of one Chief Monday Ehimuan son, Endurance Ehimuan to an unknown destination, due to threats to his life.
He said Endurance was born on the 10th November, 1995.
He explained that Endurance was abandoned by his mother after Birth as his mother moved out from his father’s house, saying that since then Chief Monday Ehimuan had been the one taking care of Endurance and his brother Charles Ehimuan.
He reported that sometime in July 2014, members of Esan community led delegation of youths, stormed the residence of Chief Monday Ehimuan with dangerous weapons, ready to attack anyone who stands on their way.
He said the youths spent so much time in the compound, chanting “We must finished them” at that instance they held Chief Monday Ehimuan, and whisked him away with sophisticated guns and matchets with them, Endurance then took next door behind and fled to the forest.
According to him,” After one week in the forest, he came back to find out what was their action all about. He observed their action was as a result of the State government’s encroachment/revocation on the land his father had earlier sold to some members of the community.
“The youths came for a refund of the purchase amount but Chief Monday Ehimuan pleaded with them to give him time to interface with the State Government regarding issues, and to see how the state Government will handle the issues and cancel the revocation on the land properties he inherited from his father.
“After sometime, the family started receiving threats messages and warnings from members of the Esan Community. The threat continued like that for months until one faithful day in January 2015, gun men came to the home of Chief Monday Ehimuan when he had just returned from his second abduction but Endurance was out for a meeting with mediators from the neighboring communities.
They met his only brother Charles Ehimuan and murdered him in cold blood.
“Then Endurance had just returned from neighbouring community only to find his brother lying lifeless in pool of blood in the house,” he explained.
He disclosed that ever since the death of the son of Chief Monday Ehimuan occurred, he has not set his eyes on Endurance as he had fled from the Community for the safety of his life.
Speaking further, the eye witness disclosed that the matter has been reported to the Edo State Police Command for further investigation.
Meanwhile, all efforts made to interview Chief Monday Ehimuan or any other members of his household, proved abortive as they have gone into hiding for the safety of their lives.

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