Labor Party dissolves State Executive Council in Rivers State

The Labor Party dissolved the party’s State Executive Council in Rivers State.

Labor Party National President Julius Aure said the decision was made following allegations of anti-party activities and corruption in the handling of party funds in the state.

Aber revealed this in a statement on Tuesday, saying the dissolution was effective immediately.

He said he had lost confidence in the ability of the “Compromise State Executive Council” led by Deinye Pepple to lead the campaign for the state governor and the state House of Representatives on March 11.

According to him, they were taking over the affairs of Rivers State when the party’s presidential mandate was publicly stolen. The National Chairman of the Labor Party has said they should step down until a full investigation into what happened on election day is completed.

Abure urged all supporters in the state to ignore any comments and actions by Pepple, saying Beatrice Itubo remains the Labor Party’s candidate for Saturday’s gubernatorial election.

He warned that the Labor Party had not yet formed a coalition with any political party in the state.

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