It’s Time For Reconciliation, Reformation Of Nigeria — Okotie To Politicians

Pastor Chris Okotie,  former New Democratic Party (FDP) presidential candidate and founder of the Family Church of God, Ikeja, Lagos has broken his silence after a hiatus. shortly after the general election.
Speaking through Ladi Ayodeji, his communications adviser, in Lagos on Friday, Okotie said he is looking for what he calls the Okotie Choice (TOKO) as a model that can drive innovation. Nigerian way.

According to him, reform is based on four main components, namely reconciliation, reconstruction, solidarity, and a new basis for development.

He noted that stiff competition and divisions among politicians before, during, and after the election justified his call for a new constitution.

“It’s time to reconcile, it’s time to rebuild, it’s time to unite, it’s time to lay the foundation for posterity. It’s time to TOKO. Nigeria’s reform is now!’

The cleric argued that particular amendments to the constitution, as some have proposed, would not lead to any serious reform because the current constitution, in which general elections are held,  only creates divisions. larger turns in the diet as has been experienced.

The restructuring advocate dismissed his warning that the country should be restructured before the election to avoid a post-election crisis and create the right atmosphere for peaceful development in Nigeria.

While pledging that the TOKO campaign will continue, he called on the people of Nigeria to engage in the national dialogue he promotes to bring about equality, peace, and prosperity in Nigeria.

Okotie also asked the political gladiators to sheath their swords and sit at a round table to determine how to restructure the country. “At the end of this campaign, we will aggregate the various submissions and send a memo to the President, Congress, and other key stakeholders,” added Okotie.

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