India Mistakenly Fires Missile Into Pakistan

India claims it fired a missile into Pakistan by accident on Wednesday, citing a “technical fault” during routine maintenance as the cause.

It was “very regretful,” according to Delhi, which expressed satisfaction that no one was killed.

According to Pakistan’s military, a “high-speed flying object” crashed near the eastern city of Mian Channu, endangering passenger aircraft.

Both countries are equipped with nuclear weapons.

“On 9 March 2022, during routine maintenance, a technical breakdown resulted in the inadvertent discharge of a missile,” India’s defense ministry stated in a statement. The Indian government has taken a serious stance and has appointed a high-level court of inquiry.”

Islamabad cautioned Delhi to “be mindful of the unfavorable consequences of such indifference” and to avoid repeating the mistake. According to the report, the item was launched from Sirsa in the state of Haryana.

According to Pakistan’s air force, the missile flew 124 kilometers (77 miles) in Pakistani territory at Mach 3 – three times the speed of sound – at a height of 12,000 meters (40,000 feet).

“The flight path of this object jeopardized several national and international passenger planes, as well as human lives and property on the ground, in both Indian and Pakistani airspace,” said Pakistani military spokesman Major-General Babar Iftikharon on Thursday.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry announced on Friday that it has summoned India’s chargé d’affaires to lodge a complaint about the event.

Pakistan has demanded that India share the results of its inquiry into the incident.

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