Vee Strings (real name Victor Ehiabor), an upcoming hip hop star based in Agbor, in a media chat with our crew from Ewere Okonta Blogs (EOB) he shared his vision, his life story, musical career and the challenges his facing as a musician.

At the end of this exclusive interview with us, and having listened and watched his musical videos, it is our candid opinion, that he has passed through the 4C’s of leadership: Character, Capacity, Content and Creativity.

Therefore, we now endorse him as a reliable brand to be associated with and we implore other well-meaning individuals and the government to support, encourage and sponsor this young man to fulfil his musical career to the fullest.

Who knows?

He could be our next Ika biggest musical export to the world.

Enjoy the excerpt of the interview we had with him.

EOB: May we meet you?

Vee Strings: My name is Victory Ehiabor with the stage name Vee Strings.

I’m from Ihogbe community in Ime-Obi, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria.

EOB: Tell us about your family background

Vee Strings: I was born into the family of Evangelist and Mrs. Ehitito Ehiabor.

My dad is an Evangelist while my mom is a petty trader and both are from Ihogbe, Ime-Obi, Agbor in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

I’m the first child in a family of six children.

EOB: Tell us about your educational background

Vee Strings: I attended Obika Primary School, Ime-Obi. I finished in 2008.

For my secondary education, I attended Ime-Obi Secondary School and I graduated in 2013.

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I did music double major at the College of Education, Agbor for my National Certificate in Education (NCE) and I graduated in 2016.

EOB: At what point did you start playing music?

Vee Strings: When I was in the primary school, I was a member of the school band.

More so, as a child, I realized that I could make music with any object that I laid my hands on.

But I started playing in Akwete Dance Band, when I was in JSS 1.

Then I will sneak out from home to join them wherever they were playing.

But my parents objected to it. They even flogged me and gave me all sort of punishments, but I did not relent.

Aside, Akwete Dance Band, I also followed the following bands: Gabriel Ogbekile, Felix Ogbekile and Fidelis Okangban.

EOB: Among all these band leaders that you followed, who inspires you most?

Vee Strings: Baba Akwete inspires me most.

Let me tell you why:
When Baba Akwete discovered my interest in music he never discouraged me, but he ensured that I balanced my interest in music with my education.

He gave me bike fares to ensure that I joined them after school whenever there was a show during weekdays.

Let me tell you another story about Baba Akwete:

As a child, I followed his band to one of our numerous outing, and some of the satisfied guests sprayed me thirteen thousand five hundred naira (#13,500), at the end of the show, Baba gave me the sum of three thousand five hundred naira (#3,500) and asked me to tell my mom to see him the next day.

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For me I was happy and satisfied with that sum because my day pay as at then was three hundred naira (#300).

Nevertheless, I told my mom that Baba wants to see her and she became worried thinking that I had done something bad but when she came back from Baba house, she was smiling and dancing because he gave her the remaining ten thousand naira (#10,000).

From then, my mom started supporting my musical career.

EOB: Aside singing, which other aspect of music are you good at?

Vee Strings: To the glory of God, I’m a multi talented musician.

I sing, I’m a guitarist, I play all the percussion instruments and I’m also into productions.

EOB: How many albums do you have to your credit?

Vee Strings: I have three albums: Leg to Benz, (featuring Bad Wado), Ghetto man and Dein My King.

EOB: What are the challenges that you’re facing?

Vee Strings: As an upcoming Musician, my greatest challenge is sponsorship. I also need finance to promote my music and to own a nice recording studio where I can be producing my own beats.

Another major challenge that I’m facing is lack of television and radio stations in Agbor.

I’m using this medium, to appeal for sponsorship from well-meaning individuals, cooperate organizations and government to identify with my brand.

EOB: What message do you have for the youths?

Vee Strings: My message for the youths is for them to stay away from drugs, crimes, cultism, prostitution, and other social vices that will destroy their future.

They should believe in themselves, work smart and above all, trust in God.

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EOB: What message do you have for your fans?

Vee Strings: To my fans, I love you all and do not relent on your supports and encouragements.
The best of Vee Strings is yet to come.

EOB: Is nice having this interview with you, and I wish you all the best.

Vee Strings: Thanks Boss. I’m happy and privileged to be a guest on Ewere Okonta blogs (EOB). Much respect, sir.

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