I Linked Peter Obi With Treason Because He Didn’t Caution Datti’s Statement – Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, said he accused Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate Pete Obi of treason because he did not rebuke his running mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed, for saying whether President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu was sworn in. May 29, will be the end of Nigerian democracy.
According to Mohammed, the fact that Obi did not correct his companion meant that he agreed with Baba-Ahmed’s view.

Mohammed said this while speaking to state reporters on Wednesday after a meeting of the Federal Executive Council.

He said,

“I went to the US to balance the skewed report about the just-concluded elections.

“And everywhere I went, I said it very unambiguously that the last general elections in Nigeria are the most transparent, the freest and authentic.

“And that’s despite the efforts of the opposition to delegitimise or discredit the elections. And I forwarded my position there as to why these elections were the best.

“What I said about Mr Peter Obi is very clear. I said, Mr Peter has every right to seek redress in court like Labor Party.

“But nobody has the right to call for insurrection or to threaten to say that if the President-elect is sworn in, that would be the end of democracy.

“That was precisely what the running mate of Mr Peter Obi said on television. And I have not heard Peter Obi reign him in or correct him.

“So if your running mate says something, of course, he was saying it on behalf of the party and the candidate.

“That’s why I said that it was treason for anybody to say that if a duly elected President in Nigeria is sworn in, that would be the end of democracy. So I don’t see anything controversial in that.”

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