‘I Got All I Wanted, Pardon Me If I’ve Hurt You, Buhari Begs Nigerians

On Friday, President Muhammadu Buhari thanked the Nigerian people for their tolerance over the past eight years.
Speaking as a resident of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja paid his respects to him in Sallah, President Buhari asked for those he may have hurt while doing the exercise. perform a constitutional obligation to forgive him.

The president, who said he is counting the days and looks forward to retiring in his hometown of Daura, added that his home is 8 kilometers from the Republic of Niger.

He noted that he had received everything he asked of God and would quietly retire home

He said:

“Thank you for tolerating me. I consider myself lucky to have been a governor, minister, head of state and now President for two terms.”

He commended residents of the FCT for being tolerant hosts, adding: “I can’t wait to go home. I deliberately arranged to be as far away as possible from you people.”

While going down memory lane on how he lost elections three times and ended up at the Supreme Court, he said that it was technology through the Permanent Voters Card, PVC, that came to his rescue in 2015.

Buhari was sworn in as the President on May 29, 2015, for a four-year tenure. He was Re-Elected and inaugurated on May 29, 2019, for another year of tenure.

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