Husband Beats Pregnant Wife To Death (Photos)

Husband Beats Pregnant Wife To Death (Photos)

Bonus Emmanuel Chigozie, a young Nigerian guy, is accused of killing his pregnant wife, Itunu Lawal Emmanuel.
It was learned that the tragic event, which left everyone stunned, occurred at their home in the Okota region of Lagos State.

The pair married four years ago, according to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“After they had their first kid, Emmanuel began assaulting his wife,” he continued. He instantly found her repulsive, and he looked for any excuse to be violent.”

According to the source, Chigozie began cheating on his wife to the point where he threatened her to leave the marriage.

Chigozie will also violently abuse Itunu. If she asks for the N2.7 million she lent him, he will brutally beat her.

When Itunu’s second kid was born, he assaulted her till the baby died inside her. She was transported to the hospital, but Itunu and the baby died the day before yesterday, March 10, 2022.

According to Salemgists, the husband fled after she was hospitalized, but returned when he learned that his wife had died. He came crying, claiming to be unable to find his way home.


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