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Polaris Bank, which was simply procured by Essential Capital Speculation Restricted (SCIL) for N50 billion, has had a ‘checkered’ history portrayed by a progression of monetary troubles and acquisitions.

In a prior manifestation as Mainstreet Bank, the bank got gained by the outdated Skye Bank for N126 billion after it arose as the favored bidder to a Resource The board Enterprise of Nigeria (AMCON) bid in October 2014.

Be that as it may, the excursion was fleeting for Skye Bank after the obtaining as it ran into grieved waters, driving the National Bank of Nigeria to take it over and sack its board in July 2016. This prompted the renunciation of overseeing chief, Timothy Oguntayo, agent MD and a few individuals from the executives.

The dinky history of Skye Bank’s progress from an offspring of banking solidification to a consolidation turned sour isn’t lost on Nairametrics research. We present a timetable of occasions from our exploration.

Skye Bank arises in 2005

  • Skye Bank Plc is a result of the consolidation of five heritage banks because of the financial business union and recapitalization exercise of 2005.
  • The inheritance banks were Reasonable Bank Plc, EIB Worldwide Plc, Bond Bank Restricted, Dependence Bank Restricted, and Co-employable Bank Plc.

Then CBN Lead representative, Charles Soludo moved the base capitalization prerequisites for banks from N2 billion to N25 billion. The move prompted a few consolidations and acquisitions in the financial business, as well as a hurry to the capital business sectors to raise the necessary assets.
2014 – Skye Bank procures Mainstreet
In November 2014, Skye bank won the bid to gain a 100 percent stake in Resource The board Organization of Nigeria (AMCON) in Mainstreet Bank Restricted.
Mainstreet bank was the scaffold bank framed from Afribank, which had its permit disavowed by the CBN.
The arrangement was believed to be worth about N126 billion and will see Skye Bank take over Mainstreet Bank from state-possessed AMCON.
SEC endorsed the arrangement in December of that year making Skye Bank the authority proprietor of Mainstreet Bank.
Mainstreet Bank has around 200 branches cross country which will assist Skye Save money with solidifying its portion of the overall industry as a main Level 2 Bank and conceivably challenge some Level 1 bank. Mainstreet Bank additionally has nine money places and 200 Robotized Teller Machines (ATMs) which Skye Bank will currently claim.

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2016: CBN sacks Skye Bank board

Skye Bank neglects to deliver its 2015 yearly reports as tales circle that the bank may be in monetary difficulty.
In any case, on July fourth, a public statement on the Nigerian Trade affirmed the CBN had broken up the board and the executives of Skye Bank Nigeria Plc.
As indicated by the Public statement, every one of the non-Leader Chiefs and autonomous chiefs left the leading body of the bank.
What’s more, the Overseeing Head of the bank, Mr. Timothy Oguntayo additionally surrendered alongside his representative, Mrs. Amaka Onwughalu, and two other leader chiefs Mr. Dotun Adeniyi andMrs. Ibiye Ekong separately.
The bank additionally reported that the CBN has endorsed the arrangement of Alhaji M.K Ahmad as the new Administrator of the Board, while Mr. Tokunbo Abiru has been named as the new Gathering Overseeing Chief and President. Messrs. Bayo Sanni, Idris Yakubu, Markie Idowu, and Abimbola Izu will go on in office as Leader Overseers of the Bank.
The new board individuals were entrusted with balancing out the bank while likewise carrying out activities to recapitalize the bank.

2018 CBN expands residency of new board

The bank at last delivered its 2015 yearly report showing the bank made a premium pay of N127 billion, a misfortune after duty of N40.7 billion.
In a notification shipped off the Nigerian Stock Trade (NSE), Skye Bank declared that the National Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has reestablished the command of the Bank’s Governing body for two extra year term till the 30th of June 2020.
The zenith bank in April long term broadened its monetary help for the bank till the finish of 2018. Over N100 billion has been infused into the bank.
The administration additionally guaranteed at the time that it had gone to rigid lengths against its debt holders, remembering purportedly keeping in touch with the Administration for help for recuperating assets from its previous Executive Tunde Ayeni.
Four of its nearby auxiliaries were likewise sold for a sum of N6.2 billion and the bank was currently stripping from its different auxiliaries.

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2018: CBN disavows the permit of the bank

In September 2018, the national bank reported the renouncement of the working permit of Skye Bank expressing it was with quick impact.
As indicated by the CBN Lead representative, Godwin Emefiele, the justification for renouncing the bank’s permit was on the grounds that it couldn’t recapitalize regardless of billions of naira infused into the bank to balance out it.
The national bank made sense of it had continued to siphon as much as N800 billion into the bank in a bid to revive it.
The bank was subsequently moved to AMCON who guaranteed they infused N786 billion into Polaris Bank Restricted in front of tracking down another purchaser.
The overseeing overseer of Nigeria Store Protection Partnership (NDIC), Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim uncovered that the extension bank choice saved the country from infectious dangers that might have prompted a hole in the monetary framework, loss of in excess of 6,000 positions, and disturbance of banking administrations in the 300 parts of the dead bank.
As this was all event, The Nigerian Stock Trade (NSE) set the portions of Skye Bank Plc on suspension in September 2018. The bourse spread the word about this in a public statement posted on its site.
2020: Tokunbo Abiru resigns from Polaris Bank
Tokunbo Abiru resigns viable August 31, 2020, having effectively finished his second two-year residency in charge of the Bank.
At the point when he left the bank detailed a benefit after expense of N27 billion out of 2019 entire year results and had revealed half-year unaudited benefits of N18 billion out of 2020 a Coronavirus pandemic year.
In the interim, FBN Possessions affirms there were continuous consolidation talks between its fundamental auxiliary — First Bank of Nigeria Ltd, Polaris Bank Ltd, and Legacy Bank Plc. Yet, closes no clear choice had been made.
Skye Bank reports a benefit after expense of N19.4 billion out of 2021 down from a benefit of N28 billion in the Coronavirus year of 2020. The bank’s complete resources are about N1.3 trillion with credits and advances of about N260 billion.

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2022: Polaris Bank Deal

In August 2022, a report arose that the national bank had consented to sell Polaris Bank to Auwal Lawan Abdullahi, a child in-regulation to Ibrahim Babangida for N40 billion.
Polaris Bank and NDIC denied the report, guaranteeing no such choice has been made.
In the mean time, in October, the place of reps gave an assertion requesting an end to the offer of the bank until the triplet of CBN, NDIC and AMCON finish up all cycles for the open, straightforward, and cutthroat bid process.
On October 21st, the CBN reports the consummation of the offer of offers in Polaris Bank to Vital Capital Speculation Restricted (SCIL) for N50 billion. The deal additionally requires the new proprietors to reimburse CBN’s N1.3 trillion bond in the bank
Around the same time, Vital Capital Venture declared the arrangement of another governing body. They named Alhaji MK Ahmad (Director) and Mr. Adekunle Sonola (Chief – MD/President).


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