How My Life Crumbled After My Long Time Girlfriend Disappeared – Man Recounts

How My Life Crumbled After My Long Time Girlfriend Disappeared – Man Recounts

How My Life Crumbled After My Long Time Girlfriend Disappeared – Man Recounts

A man has shared his sad experience with long-time girlfriend, Eunice who suddenly disappeared without his knowledge.

Sharing his story via Facebook, he pleaded anonymity as he narrated what caused their separation.

He wrote;

“I truly believe that you only get one love of your life in your lifetime. We started dating as teenagers from SS2. We kept our relationship a secret because she is from a religious home, her father is a pastor and would never approve of his daughter dating at that age.

But my parents knew I liked Eunice. We became official when we both were in 300 level in the university. She wanted to remain a virgin till marriage and I wanted to be her husband as soon as we finish university.

However, in 400 level, Eunice suddenly disappeared from my life. Her parents withdrew her from her university and said she had gotten a scholarship to study in Ghana.

She never mentioned any such thing to me. And that she would leave me without saying a word is the strangest.

I remember I kept begging her parents to tell me why she left and give me her new contact details but they all refused. I was heartbroken that I almost did not graduate.

I knew something was wrong because I was so sure Eunice was forced to leave Nigeria. I feared that her parents did not want me to marry her because that was our plan, to be married immediately after school.

I begged the mother to please tell me what I had done wrong but she only kept saying, don’t worry; Eunice has taken a different part and that I should find my path aside from her.

Eunice’s siblings were suddenly not permitted to speak to any member of my family. All that was six years ago.

Since then, I have been in two relationships. I am now engaged to the second lady. But there has never been a day that my mind does not wander where Eunice is and why she left me without a word. But destiny cannot be denied.

Two months ago, I ran into a childhood friend of me and Eunice at the airport. She was flying to Abuja and so we boarded and bonded on the flight.

This lady asked me if I had seen Eunice and I told her no. She then told me that she met Eunice in Ghana a year ago and that Eunice is now a doctor. I was thrilled to hear that.

I asked her if she has her number and she said yes. She gave me Eunice’s number and I could not wait to land to call her.

When I called Eunice, my heart missed several beats when she picked up and said hello. Soon as she heard my name and my voice. She cut off the line and switched off the phone. I became really confused.

Did anyone threaten Eunice not to speak to me? I had to get her address from that childhood friend of ours and from Abuja, I took a flight to Ghana.

With some difficulty, I traced Eunice to where the hospital she works and I was referred to her office. When I walked into her office, Eunice looked at me like she saw a ghost. You can imagine the panic in her eyes. I told her I was not going to leave until she told me what happened to her, why did she disappear into thin air?

Eunice asked me to leave her office but I told her no. She then asked me to meet her at a hotel address that evening. I went there to wait for her and she arrived there around 6.25 pm that evening.

Eunice never looked so pretty in my eyes as she did that day. My heart was crying. Eunice sat down and began to cry and all I could do was get up and embrace her, assuring her that all will be alright.

Eunice looked at me ad said: no, all will never be alright. I asked why? She said because her life is over because she could never be with me. I, again asked why? And Eunice dropped the bombshell.

Three months before she disappeared years ago, she came to my house to look for me and I was not at home.

As she turned to leave, my father asked her to go help him get Panadol and some ointment at the pharmacy because he was having a headache and there was no one around to help him buy it.

Eunice got the items and when she returned, my father asked her to help him apply the ointment on his back cos he was in a lot of pain and Eunice did so.

Long story short, my father locked the door and raped Eunice. He then threatened her if she told anyone. Eunice never told anyone until she found out two months later that she had become pregnant by my father.

Her parents who were pastors were totally against divorce. So, they made my father pay for Eunice to quickly relocate to Ghana where she had her child.

My mother was not made aware. All this while, I was crying and Eunice was crying. I felt responsible for her pain cos she came to see me and my father took away her virginity, got her pregnant and sent her away from family and friends.

That night, I followed her home and saw the boy she had for my dad. She narrated how horrible she felts for several years in a new country without friends and family.

I knew God had mercy on me and helped me find Eunice before I got married to my fiancée. I knew Eunice is my life. I stayed in Ghana for a few more days before I left.

At home, I confronted my dad and all he did was say: it was the devil and I am sorry son. I told him to go to hell as he is no longer my father.

Now, I want nothing more than to marry Eunice. She is my one true love. The love of my youth. We both, have never been so happy since we reunited. But my father is refusing our marriage saying it will be disrespectful to my mother if I married the woman who had an illegitimate son for him. I told him that is his business.

Also, Eunice’s parents are against our union. Everyone is saying to forget about marrying Eunice because of my mother.

That it would be a betrayal if she found out. Well, I don’t think so. She is not aware and she should not be made aware. I will keep that secret to my grave and nothing can stop me from marrying Eunice.

Eunice asked me to place our story on lively stones for advice before we damn every consequence and get married and be happy?

Why will it be so wrong to finally be with the love of my life? It’s not fair to punish us when we are not the ones who strayed or betrayed my mother. My mother needs not be aware. How is this a selfish move? I need to be happy and so does Eunice. being apart has been the saddest days of our lives and we want nothing more than to avoid losing each other again.

How can anyone tell us to move on and forget that we both are meant to be . Please advise?”

How My Life Crumbled After My Long Time Girlfriend Disappeared – Man Recounts

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