How Ex-Guinea President, Conde Gave Tinubu Citizenship – Ambassador Yara Reveals

African Union Ambassador Ousmane Yara has revealed how President-elect Bola Tinubu obtained Guinean citizenship.
Reports have surfaced that the All Progressive Congress, APC, presidential candidate has dual citizenship.

There was controversy after the passport was discovered following a viral video of him and Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu aboard a Guinean government helicopter.

Speaking to The Sun, Yara said Tinubu has Guinean nationality because former Guinean president Alpha Condé considers him a special envoy.

He pointed out that the recognition of Tinubu as a special ambassador (special envoy) of Guinea.  According to him, Tinubu is the greatest Pan-Africanist and has been named a “special envoy” by Condé as a sign of appreciation for his support for African presidents.

Confirming the viral video, he said Tinubu visited Guinea in 2016 as a guest of President Condé during the country’s independence celebrations.

”President Conde invited Tinubu to the independence anniversary. Since the official function at every independence anniversary was done in different regions, Tinubu was required to fly from the country’s capital, in a helicopter, to Mamu, where that year’s event was held.

That was the video being circulated. At the independence anniversary celebration, President Conde gave Tinubu the honour and privilege of a president, in appreciation of what he did for him during his reelection bid and towards the economic development of Guinea,”

He said.

He added that the governments extend honorary citizenship to important people who may not be their citizens as a mark of recognition of their contributions to socio-economic and political developments in the countries, which does not make such persons citizens of the countries.

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