History of Wema Bank

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History of Wema Bank

Our History

From humble beginnings to an award-winning national bank

We have grown as a bank and today have a national network of branches and industry leading technology.

From a small organization called Agbonmagbe Bank Limited in 1945 – the same year World War II ended – we transformed into Wema Bank PLC and started a new phase of prominence.

It was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in January 1990 and got the world’s attention, but its first major expansion came in February 2001 when the Central Bank granted a universal banking license to provide a wider range of banking services. It didn’t happen until you gave


Wema Bank became a regional financial powerhouse in 2009 and has achieved national recognition in just six years.


Today, we are not only Nigeria’s longest-running indigenous bank, but we are also globally acclaimed for our resilience and unprecedented adoption of digital technology, and in 2017 we launched Wema Bank’s innovative bank. launched ALAT, Nigeria’s first fully digital bank. . Our 150+ offices and digital platforms provide retail, small business, commercial, financial, business advisory and corporate banking services to millions of Nigerians and expats.


We have been here for a long time and will always do our best to maintain the highest standards of social responsibility, diversity and corporate governance.

About us

Company Profile

Wema Bank is the pioneer of Africa’s first fully digital bank, ALAT, and one of the most resilient banks in Nigeria. With decades of experience in the banking sector, the Bank remains innovative in creating value for its stakeholders. The Nigeria-listed company has successfully built a legacy of trust and resilience that has earned it the loyalty of its customers. The Bank constantly provides products and services that are tailored to the needs of customers in each stage of their life. It is a proud partner of over a million individuals, families and businesses across Nigeria, helping them achieve their personal and financial goals. One mission per day

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If we were soldiers, this would be the mantra we shouted before every battle. This is what we live for:



Empowering lives through innovation




A vision carved in stone

When people ask us what has kept us alive for so long, our answers are always the same:



Become the dominant digital platform in Africa providing transparent financial services


We strive to position ourselves as a leader in the financial services market in Africa through digital innovation


Values ​​we live by:


Think passionately


We come up with great and interesting ideas to solve the problems our customers care about. We design solutions that inspire joy


progressive thinking


We use cutting-edge technology, new developments and research-based ideas to provide accessible solutions.


Think partnership


We care and respect each other. We know how to think and recognize the differences that exist in each other. We welcome contributions from diverse perspectives and experiences. Think a lot


We aim to bring optimal profits to the stakeholders. We offer the best and most rewarding careers to our workforce.


thinking about playing


We create a supportive and non-bullying work environment. We foster trust, creativity and innovation.

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