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A privately held commercial bank, SunTrust Bank is motivated by the future and has been granted a license by the Central Bank of Nigeria under the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act (BOFIA).

By utilizing its expertise and a staff of highly motivated employees, SunTrust Bank is well-positioned to add value for its customers. We work assiduously to develop and offer a wide range of distinctive financial services and products to consumers, small businesses, corporations, governments, and institutions that will have a positive impact on their business.

We work to produce the best results for our clients and customers using financial inventiveness that results in straightforward, imaginative, and responsible solutions. The Bank concentrates its lending efforts on SME Finance, Retail/Consumer Banking, medium-sized Corporate Finance, and investigates other specialized Development/infrastructure

The Central Bank of Nigeria, which serves as both the nation’s central bank and the national banking regulator, has granted SunTrust Bank Nigeria Limited (STBNL) a license to operate as a commercial bank in Nigeria.
On Victoria Island in Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria, at 1 Oladele Olashore Street, off Sanusi Fafunwa Street, is where this bank’s main branch and headquarters are situated. The bank’s corporate headquarters are located at 06° 25′ 50.0″ N and 03° 25′ 38.0″ E. (Latitude: 6.430556; Longitude: 3.427222).
SunTrust Bank Nigeria Limited has total assets of $26.56 billion (or roughly $74.2 million) as of December 31, 2017, and shareholder equity of $10.61 billion (or roughly $29.7 million).
Incorporated and established as a mortgage bank in 2009 by Chief Executive Muhammad Jibrin Barde, SunTrust eventually became a commercial bank.

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SunTrust Bank is dedicated to providing the communities it serves with friendly, professional financial services while enhancing shareholder value. While upholding an unwavering dedication to the values of honesty and integrity, we aim to generate a higher return. The Company will be able to sustain the level of profitability required to stay independent for the benefit of the communities we serve thanks to our commitments to our shareholders, clients, and employees.

At SunTrust, we enjoy ourselves while doing what we enjoy, and we enjoy what we do.


  • To provide high-quality service using both people and technology!
  • We advise people on how to invest for future needs; we work with small and large businesses to optimize their daily operations;
  • we seek to protect people’s savings and assist them with their everyday purchases;
  • we work to earn and maintain the public’s trust by consistently upholding the highest ethical standards;
  • and we ask our colleagues to make sure that their decisions pass three tests: they are in our clients’ interests, create economic value, and are always systemic.
  • When we execute these tasks well, we have a beneficial economic and social influence on the

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