History of FCMB

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History of FCMB



FCMB (UK) Limited has been licensed for Private and Commercial His Banking in the UK.




FCMB (UK) Limited has obtained a wholesale banking license to operate in the UK.


FCMB Issues First Domestic Bond – N26 Billion 7-Year Tier 2 Bonds to Strengthen Capital Adequacy and General Banking Purposes




In June 2013, FCMB adopted a holding structure as regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. A subsequent group restructuring resulted in FCMB Group Plc becoming the holding company for his FCMB Ltd and its subsidiaries.


Year 2012


FCMB completed his acquisition of FinBank Plc in February 2012 and subsequently merged with FinBank in October 2012.




FCMB acquires Cooperative Development Bank, Midas Bank and Nigerian American Bank (Bank Boston’s Nigerian subsidiary). From 26 branches in 2005 (before the merger), the bank will grow to 150 branches by 2007. This bank attracts many foreign participants. Tier 1 capital was raised from just over N31 billion to he N133 billion through a public offering.


Strategic alliance with Saber Capital Worldwide (Mauritius) Limited.


Year 2005


Through its 2005 IPO, FCMB raised more than N16 billion towards his N25 billion share capital target set by the Central Bank of Nigeria, making him one of only 25 banks to reach this target. became. 2004


A private placement of shares raised him over £7 billion before converting to a public liability company in 2004. In the same year, it was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

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In 2001, the name was changed from First City Merchant Bank to First City Monument Bank after FCMB was changed to Universal Bank.


His 70 million Nigerian loan in 1996 by the Nigerian National Fertilizer Company (now NOTORE) was a milestone.



By the end of this decade, the bank was clearly a leader in investment banking, attracting and developing more and more highly skilled staff. 1982


First City Merchant Bank was licensed in 1982 and became the first regional bank in Nigeria to be established without government support.


Established Citi Securities Co., Ltd.



  • To become the leading integrated financial services platform with over 25 million active customers.




  • To give you the power to make your dreams come true.


  • core values


  • execution


  • We set clear goals and priorities
  • We strongly pursue the realization of
  • Remove Barriers to Effectiveness
  • We have the right people in management positions



  • we play by the rules
  • we stand for integrity
  • We strive for self-development and learning (e-learning)
  • We treat our colleagues and customers fairly



  • Innovate to solve customer issues
  • Innovate to benefit new customers
  • We measure, report to and reward our board of directors for innovative performance
  • We dedicate people, processes and capital to innovation

Customer focus


  • Your voice drives our actions and initiatives
  • We will actively respond to customer needs
  • We strive to save your time and increase your assets

Our corporate social responsibility in action

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At FCMB, we understand that the business decisions and methods we use to engage key stakeholders affect not only our organization, but also our communities and the environment. support our life and business.


With this solid knowledge and a desire to ensure that our efforts to meet the needs of the present do not deprive future generations of their ability to meet the needs of future generations, the social responsibility strategy of business requires us to manage our business responsibly while ensuring long-term sustainability. We are committed to creating value for all of our key stakeholders in the spirit of “My Bank and Me”.

We believe that the communities in which we operate will benefit from our presence. We adopt a holistic strategy and therefore encourage our employees to volunteer in community activities consistent with our CSR pillars. In fact, our philosophy is about our commitment to the welfare of our employees and key stakeholders. We are committed to building long-term relationships with customers, partners, governments and communities and contributing to their sustainable development. This requires integrating CSR into all business decisions, stakeholder engagement, monitoring, evaluation and reporting. Our CSR initiatives focus on investing in the communities in which we operate and are realized through strategic projects designed to maximize impact and ensure sustainability. long-term positive.


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