History of Adeleke University

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The educational enterprise that has flourished at Adeleke University today began with the Spring Development Organization (SDF) (RC No. 8109), a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1996 by Dr. Adedeji Adeleke. . The SDF was born with a vision to empower disadvantaged communities, people and individuals to improve themselves and their environment. Within ten years of its existence, the SDF has registered an active presence in every state in Nigeria, helping people at the grassroots level achieve a better quality of life.


Through its charter, the SDF provides relief materials to the poor and needy as well as victims of natural and social disasters. However, the SDF’s intervention goes far beyond providing aid. It seeks lasting solutions to the problems of poverty, disease, hunger and ignorance, social and political disabilities. This is where his educational intervention through the founding of Adeleke University found its relevance. The mission of the SDF is to “provide an appropriate physical and social structure on which less privileged target people/groups can be encouraged to build a decent and sustainable life”.


In doing so, the SDF has emphasized certain important areas such as community development, educational service development, skills development, health service development, welfare and relief services. For the purpose of educational service, Adeleke University was established. The university is the SDF’s response to the perception that education is the foundation of development. This is a larger effort than helping students with equipment and infrastructure, providing scholarships to needy students, and donating books. With the creation of Adeleke University and its revocation of its charter by the National College Board, it has become an appropriate avenue for students of all nationalities, races, colors, and ethnic groups to reach their full potential. its ability. The idea is to teach people how to fish rather than give them fish. By educating the younger generation, the SDF through Adeleke University believes that poverty, ignorance and disease will give way to prosperity.

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