History of Adamawa State University

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History of Adamawa State University


Since 2002 when Adamawa State University, Mubi was founded, the institution has strived to achieve its stated goal of providing “education for development”. However, the School is mindful of its commitment to the immediate environment, mindful of our position as a globally responsible institution of higher education. We are therefore working to create a world-class university that addresses our local problems in the context of international and broad-minded intellectualism.


We have therefore defined our purpose, as a learning citadel geared towards achieving the ideal of developing the academic and professional abilities of our staff and students, to give them a competitive edge. competition in an ever-changing world. Our focus now is on agriculture as the main living place of the people and ICT as the path of human development in the future. We are committed to developing in the context of current reality and future expectations. In this brief document, we have tried to present some essential information that will be helpful in making informed decisions on matters related to our three missions of teaching, research, and research. and community service. It gives you a glimpse of our uniqueness as a very promising university located in a serene, peaceful and welcoming environment.


Title Caption – Adamawa State University (ADSU):

Towards the rapid development and transformation of the state.


Background – Adamawa State with a population of approximately 2.5 million, covers an area of ​​42,159 square feet. km located in the steppe belt of northern Nigeria. The state has great agricultural potential, including livestock and fishing.

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University Location – Adamawa State University is located in Mubi, the seat of the Northern Senate District of the state, which was once part of German territory in the Northern Cameroons. Mubi city is the capital of the former Sardauna province. The city is located at the foot of the Mandara Mountains separating Nigeria from the Republic of Cameroon. The city has a pleasant climate and picturesque skyline. There is a rich traditional culture of the locals, with a leading traditional ruler, the Emir of Mubi.

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