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The American University of Nigeria The American University of Nigeria (AUN) is a private university located in Yola, the capital city of Adamawa, Nigeria. It offers an American-style liberal arts undergraduate education at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels. Established in 2003, AUN, Africa’s first ‘developed university’, is accredited by the National University Commission (NUC). Its current faculty has 93 students, undergraduate and graduate enrollment is 1500 students. was the first American-style university in sub-Saharan Africa. AUN is accredited by the National University Commission (NUC).


Founded in 2004 by the former Vice President of Nigeria and a presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party in the 2019 election, Atiku Abubakar, the American University of Nigeria enrolled its first students in 2019. 2005. The school is located in Yola, the capital of Adamawa State.


The university was originally known as ABTI American University of Nigeria before being renamed AUN. AUN was the first American-style higher education institution in sub-Saharan Africa (the only other university in Africa is the American University in Cairo, Egypt). AUN is a member of the World Union of Liberal Arts.

University library

The current president of the university is Dr. Margee Ensign, previously Dr. David Huwiler, Dr. Michael Smith, Dr. Margee Ensign, Dr. Dawn Dekle. Student at the lab

Student at the lab

Pictures of AUN students in the classroom

AUN students in a classroom

The institution is designed as a university that focuses on development issues while providing an education modeled on American best practices in content and pedagogy. The original three constituent schools were Arts and Sciences, Business and Entrepreneurship, and Computing and Computing. In 2007, the name of the institution was changed to its current name, the American University of Nigeria (AUN). The pioneer class consisted of 92 students who graduated in 2009. Since then, every class has graduated on time. In 2008, the National University Commission (NUC) accredited AUN’s programs and re-accredited them in 2013. In 2012, AUN launched a graduate program, the Executive Master of Information Technology. Since then, there are no more programs up to Ph.D. approved by the NUC.

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In 2014, he opened the Robert A. Pastor Library and Online Learning Center.

The main campus consists of 17 buildings including nine dormitories, a spacious cafeteria, a 3,500-seat hall that also houses indoor basketball and volleyball courts, and a dedicated student center. campus, an environmental-themed administrative building, a building for the School of Arts and Sciences, and the Peter Okocha Building, which houses the Faculty of Law and its library. A new, larger law school building with a 100-seat auditorium will open in 2022. The Robert A. Pastor Library and Online Learning Center, which won the 2013 Presidential Commendation of the Association American Library Association for innovative international library projects, featuring a library area with over 250,000 digital assets, classrooms, study rooms, reading areas, writing centers, classrooms for chapters The New Platform, the Honor Society Counseling Unit and the Tutoring Center. The North Campus, once a temporary site, is located across from the Main Campus. Freshmen begin community service during the first semester of Freshman Orientation. During their four years, students are actively encouraged to volunteer for one of the regular field trips that the Office organizes most days of the week. Students work with people and organizations in the community, including schools, health clinics, community associations, and local government.



The university consists of six schools, offering the following undergraduate majors and graduate programs:[4]


School of Arts and Sciences


BSc Communications & Multimedia Design

BSc Natural & Environmental Sciences

BSc Petroleum Chemistry

BA Economics

BA Politics & International Studies

BA English Language & Literature

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School of Business & Entrepreneurship


BSc Business Administration (with specialties)

BSc Accounting

BSc Finance

BSc Marketing

BSc Entrepreneurship Management

School of Law


LL.B (Bachelor of Laws)

School of Engineering


BEng Chemical Engineering

BEng Computer Engineering

BEng Electrical/Electronics Engineering

BEng Telecommunication Engineering

School of Information Technology & Computing (SITC)


BSc Software Engineering

BSc Data Science & Analytics

BSc Computer Science

BSc Information Systems

BSc Telecommunications & Wireless Technologies

Picture of AUN Students in Graduation Gowns

AUN Graduands in Gowns

School of Graduate Studies

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MSc Business Administration

PhD Business Administration

Masters of Information Technology

Masters of Telecommunications

Masters of Information Systems Security Management

MSc Computer Science

MSc Information Systems

PhD Computer Science

PhD Information Systems

Hybrid/On-Campus Professional Masters Programs


Master of Information & Communication Science (MICS)

Master of Telecommunication & Wireless Technologies (MTWT)


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