Hisbatekun! Shehu Sani compares Amotekun to Hisbah

Senator Shehu Sani has expressed fears that the Western Nigeria Security Network, codenamed Operation Amotekun, may one day become like the Sharia police Hisbah.

Hisbah, the religious police in Kano State recently made news when it ordered a radio station not to broadcast anything concerning Black Friday.

According to Hisbah, Friday is a day of worship for Muslims and there is nothing black about it.

It also recently banned ladies from using mobile phones and wearing sunglasses in Kaduna State.

Days ago, Amotekun warned ladies against ‘indecent dressing’ which is a massive deviation from the purpose for which it was set up – to tackle insecurity in the rural areas.

In an apparent comparison of both operations, Shehu Sani said, “the very moment Amotekun extends their mandate beyond security issues to the enforcement of ‘decent dressing’, they have become Hisbatekun.”


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