High School Football Star Tackles Referee In Now-Viral Video

Emmanuel Duron went viral after attacking a referee following his ejection from a high school football game.

No matter what level of sport you play, things can get pretty intense as both teams try their very hardest to get the win. Sometimes, however, this can ultimately boil over into some high-octane emotions that aren’t always dealt with in the best ways possible. In youth sports, this is especially true as teenagers aren’t as experienced when it comes to suppressing their emotions and letting things go, in the moment.

A perfect example of this occurred recently during a high school football game in Texas. In the clip below, a defensive end by the name of Emmanuel Duron can be seen charging after the referee all while his coaches try to contain him. He eventually knocks the ref over before being held back.

This violent act came immediately after Duron was ejected from the game. Clearly, he was upset with the call and felt that it was unjust in some way. At this point, however, Duron could be subjected to some incredibly harsh punishments and it could even spell the end of his time as a high school football player.

Duron is also a high-level wrestler at his school and was about to compete in the state championship. Now, his future plans could be in jeopardy.



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