Governorship election: Not necessarily an LP Candidate – Peter Obi Instructs Obidient

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Peter Obi told his Obidients movement to vote for gubernatorial candidates with character, skill, ability, and compassion in the March 18, 2023, gubernatorial election across Nigeria.

Peter Obi said it didn’t matter whether the candidates were members of the Labor Party, stressing that the Obidients  Movement would support bright candidates from other political parties.

Peter Obi said this in an interview with Arise TV while explaining why the party failed to put forward gubernatorial candidates in most states in the upcoming gubernatorial election in Nigeria.
I said:
“Nigerian politics is mostly transactional. When we started the Obidients movement, people didn’t believe what we were trying to do. As a result, we have no candidates in most states.

“Because it’s a traditional thing, people like to be where everything is shared. So no one believes that a party without a local government councilor or president can rise up and become something. So we have no candidates in most places.

“I would say that there are very few places where we can get first-rate candidates. In some places [where we don’t have a candidate], we will work with good candidates. In the Southeast, we only have candidates in two states.

“We are asking people to support [the adopted Labor Party candidates] where we will have a partnership like in Cross River State where we have someone like Professor Sandy Onor from the PDP, we consider him a good candidate.

“For me, it’s about having competent, trustworthy people who have shown integrity and can do well. We’re not saying it always has to be the Labor Party. Where we think we have good people, we support them. It’s not the [Labour Party] but wherever there is a better candidate. It’s time we build this organization and do the right thing. For me, I want people to point out where we have good candidates and we will go and support them.

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