Farm For Africa and Everything you Need to know about it

I know you will say you are not aware of this good news in town.

It’s all About ‘Farms for Africa‘. It’s an Agro company specialized in creating wealth and ending poverty through massive agriculture production and its allies. The company’s programs covers all the areas of agriculture, including animal, plants, fishery, off taking of produces, marketing, processing, consultancy and partnership with different organization including the federal government of Nigeria and the central bank of Nigeria (CBN). The aim of the company is ensure Modern agricultural revolution across Africa.

Farm for Africa

Some of the company program includes:

1.Agripreneur program. The program empowers individual farmer with all the needed resources for the agribusiness the person is interested in or already doing. One just need to apply and ready to work. And the return on investment will be shared on agreed percentage.

Farm For Africa

All they need from you is the willingness to farm and they will supply every thing including land, seed, fertilizer and capital and also free consultancy etc. At the end of production they will buy all the farm produces at once through the off taker network system.

2 . Partnership and investment.

One can also buy shares in the company. And one can also partner with company for expansion if you already have a farm business. You can also contact them for marketing purposes.

3. The Agro geo cluster programs. This is one of the most interesting one.

Farm For Africa

In partnership with the federal government and CBN, Farm for Africa in helping and mobilizing local farmers and individuals to key in to the federal government/ CBN anchor borrowers scheme.

In this program all you need is to register and join a cluster of Fifty 50 persons, and Farms for Africa will help with all the remaining processes, including documentation, incorporation (CAC registration), land acquisition, monitoring and supervision of the farm activities etc.

Farm For Africa

The farm to be establish will belong to the cluster and manage by their leaders under the supervision of farms for Africa experts. You may not be physically active Farmer to be among a cluster because the farming processes will be mechanize and every worker in the farm will be paid according to his or her work with the money paid to that particular cluster. The money that will be given to a cluster will be enough to cover for all the farming processes, including land acquisition and machineries etc. Individuals just need to open a project bank account undermining if you own account before because it will be strictly for the program. The bank account opening and registration is #3000 only.

I employ you to register and join my cluster located at my hometown, Esaba community. The first cluster is almost completed. Send me you name, and #3000 for the account opening and registration. Note you will have that money in your new bank account balance.


Note also that, you can belong to more than one cluster (even up to ten) at a time and partake in all the other programs of the company with the just one time registration (you are already a life member of the Agro wealth revolution across Africa).

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Awolowo, Aforhakpor Felix.

An Animal scientists.

CEO Amafox groups of companies (Amafox Farms).

08140693978 (WhatsApp) 07050784744.


CEO : Pasto imafidon Raymond.

Publicity officer:  OBC

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