The Faith in Mission, a missing link to the ultimate goal of establishing the gospel in nations of the world.

Faith in Mission is a Christian organization that finds the need to expand the frontiers of God’s kingdom through supporting and sponsoring heaven-bound missionaries in alliance and partnership with global Missions and organizations. These partnerships have enabled ministers to reach countries around the globe. Many missionary works got embarked in previous years, and through God’s divine hand, revolutionary revival has been sparked, turning hearts to God, and manifesting wonders in the miraculous. There is still an ongoing revival, as Faith In Mission seems relentless. Since the inception of the Mission, it has been a common goal to eradicate the “Jonah-like” attitude towards Mission. It is a compelling task that Faith in Mission heeds.


Due to the substantial interest in the youth, working with young missionaries and ministers is of foremost importance to the organization. Imparting the fire of God into the bones of men has been a common theme in revivalistic missions. Beyond the context of spiritual revival, Faith in Mission seeks to revive communities, societies, and nations through cooperation with leaders wielding territorial jurisdictions, traditional rulers, and kings.


Faith in Mission honors the interest of individuals and bodies in considering the non-profit organization to assist with the vision of kingdom mandate as templated by Jesus Christ. Through Faith in Mission, your vision for Mission becomes paradigmatic and a prototype to superseding visionaries. At Faith in Mission, a system that works is customary. Our Vision Program offers a system that provides connections, customized assistance, tools, inspiration, information, referrals, and any other support that helps you achieve your vision in Mission.

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Making your vision a reality through:


Purposeful exhortations.


Empowerment with resources and tools.


Establishing connections and influence.


Contact information

phone: +2348142215346

Email: chuksn969@gmail.com


You can also reach us via Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

About the Vision Co-ordinator.

The belief in the resurrection has given hope to privileged Christians for over 2000 years. The founder of Faith in Mission, Chuks Nwachukwu has seen it as a burden to share the hope of Christ’s ressurection to the unprivileged around the world. It is what drives him and motivates his work in mission. Chuks Nwanchukwu hails from

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