Evang. Olusoga Racheal – PE ENIKENI mp3 download

The song “pe enikeni” is an inspirational song through the Holyspirit speaking directly to the unbelievers to give their life to Christ.

John 3 vs 16 says : for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son(Jesus Christ) that whosoever believed in him shall be saved and have everlasting life(heavenly kingdom)

Jesus said anyone that comes to him he won’t chase than no matter your sins because he was wounded for our transgressions

For those hoping for anything should believe in Christ would make it possible.


Olusoga Racheal is a gospel musician,songwriter, composer. Also a fashion designer, studied music in bola are school of gospel music.

Evang. Olusoga Racheal – PE ENIKENI mp3 download

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