Eva Diamond – Oh Lord

Eva Diamond

Eva Diamond had already released “No Other God,” “Peace,” Alpha and Omega,” and now “Oh Lord,” as part of her impressive catalog. The new song, which has a praising tone to it, is a departure from Eva Diamond’s regular style.

What better way to start a new year in her life than this? Oh Lord is a hymn that inspires listeners to contemplate God the Father’s majesty. The Bible says that God never fails and that he will not fail now, and that we, His children, have the privilege of calling him Abba Father.

He has defied convention and demonstrated that marriage is not an impediment to achieving perfection in one’s job. Despite the fact that she is happily married now, she continues to put up her time and effort, making several sacrifices in order for the world to be blessed with wonderful Gospel melodies. That is incredible, and we at AllBaze studio wish Eva Diamond a wonderful birthday today!

Eva Diamond’s song “Oh Lord” is now available for download on all platforms. Download this song to wish her a happy birthday.



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