Erica Blasted For Saying She Wished She Could Cook Ogbono Soup

Erica Nlewedim was yesterday dragged on twitter for saying she wished she knew how to make Ogbono soup.

The post got some of her followers, who found it hard to believe a woman of Igbo origin could not make the soup, angry.

One even went as far as saying she understand how to get intimate on bed but found it hard to understand how to make Ogbono soup.

Erica had tweeted;

“I wish I knew how to cook Ogbono soup”.

Read Reactions from Tweet Below:

*** Shame shame shame, shame! when your moma was drawing your ear to come close to the kitchen, you were absent minded thinking of emeka and co..

*** But, if is to nack now u get degree for that one. smh!

*** @EricaNlewedim go on youtube, we have a lot of videos with cooking recipe. check SisiyemmieTV on youtube she is good, you can learn a lot from her

*** Imagine an Igbo girl saying this??? My friends who are British can cook all Nigerian foods.person wen them born for Nigeria they talk trash ..

*** It’s not hard, it’s one of the simplest soups… you can still learn it. Get your ingredients, know the procedures and you are good to go.

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