El-Rufai: We’re Not Against Naira Redesign; Buhari Made A Mistake

El-Rufai Nasir, Kaduna Governor, said that President Muhammadu Buhari was wrong in his handling of the currency overhaul strategy.
El-Rufai claimed the policy was implemented in an interview with BBC Hausa on Monday to lose the All Radical General Assembly (APC) election.

Governors, he claimed, oppose this strategy because of the pain it causes to the people, not because of buying votes.

“We reviewed this policy and the hardship it put people into and the feeling of hatred Nigerians developed for the APC because Nigerians are putting the blame on the APC and the people who introduced the policy did it to make our party lose in the election,” el-Rufai said.

“After we finished our review, we agreed that the judgement of the supreme court should be followed which is the old and new notes should be used until the case is over.

“Did vote-buying start today? Why was the money not redesigned before? Why now? Secondly, is vote-buying only done with naira? It can be bought using dollar, euro, sefa, you can give the voters food.

“There are several ways through which you can buy votes. You cannot take money out of politics, but you can reduce it. We are not against this policy because of vote buying. I swear to God we are against it because of how we saw people are suffering, not the elections.

“The people who pushed for the naira redesign are not members of the APC. You see Godwin Emefiele, it was the PDP that brought him. The others with who the decision was taken with them we know them and when the time comes, we will expose them because they are not members of our party.

“God willing on Saturday the masses will retaliate against those who want to drag our party to the ground who the APC gave an opportunity to get money more than what will be sufficient for them to do the shopping because some of them we knew when shopping in their homes was difficult for them eight years ago, but now, they have money more than you could imagine.

I swear to God we’ll get them out there and ask where they got the money. Because a president is someone who believes in people, and we (the governors), our image has been tarnished. He was told that governors are thieves, and that’s why we oppose the naira overhaul policy.

“Even if we go to him and say ‘our leader you have been lied to in this place’, and he says I understand and will take an action on it, the moment we depart, he will be told not to take any action. Every person is a nine out of ten. In this regard, we believe the president made a mistake.”


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