The elders of Alibido Community in Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area have declared a 27 year old Egwu Onyeisi Peter wanted for murder.
Speaking with Ika Weekly reporter, the head, (Ogisi)Alibido Community Pa. Solomon Onuodafi said Egwu Onyeisi Peter was declared wanted following his refusal to appear before the elders of the community to answer for the accusation that was labeled against him by Egwu Stella, the wife of his late uncle, that he killed her husband, Egwu Dominic.
The Ogisi said because it is strictly a community affair as it concerns their culture that the members of their community vigilante group have been ordered to go in search of Egwu Onyeisi Peter. He stated that Egwu Onyeisi Peter’s refusal to appear before the elders simply means that he is guilty of the accusation and must be brought to book to be stoned to death as the penalty and cleansing rite for his sacrilegious act.

A close family source who claimed anonymity further disclosed that the wanted Egwu Onyeisi Peter was accused of killing his uncle, late Egwu Dominic by the wife, Egwu Stella.
According to the family source, “Egwu Onyeisi Peter who is an orphan grew up with his late uncle, Egwu Dominic. At first, we received the news that Egwu Dominic died of bomb blast on April 14, 2014 at Nyanya Motor Mark Abuja.
“But, we were surprised when Egwu Dominic’s wife, Stella visited home and before the community elders accused Egwu Onyeisi Peter of killing her husband having known that the implication of her accusation is death by stoning because it is an act considered abominable and sacrilegious in the land.
“Before now, we know that Egwu Stella hated Egwu Onyeisi Peter because she has made several attempts in the past to tarnish his image.
“But her accusing Egwu Onyeisi Peter of killing her husband knowing its deadly implication is the height of wickedness.
“There is no doubt that Egwu Stella must have influenced the elders to accept her lies, but we the family members keep wondering what she will gain through wanting to kill the struggling young man, Egwu Onyeisi Peter.
“We know that our brother, Egwu Onyeisi Peter is innocent of the accusation, but who will speak on his behalf”, the source queries.

Culled from Ika news

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