DOWNLOAD PDF: Keys for Living Single by Dr. Myles Munroe

Whether you are unmarried or married, your goal in life should be to “live single.” Singleness is a greatly misunderstood concept in today’s culture. It has come to mean “incomplete” or even “of less value.” Yet God’s design is that each of us be truly single— whole, mature, and confident human beings who know who we are, and who are developing the distinct personalities, gifts, and abilities God created us to manifest.

In Keys for Living Single, you will discover essential truths for a meaningful and satisfying life. You can be free from the tyranny of trying to please others, from the hindrance of living vicariously through other people, and from believing you can be complete only through another person.

You were created to be separate, unique, and whole. You have a special purpose to fulfill in this world. Discover your true self—and live accordingly!

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