DJ Envy Says He Told On Himself After Cheating On His Wife

In a recent “Behind Every Man” exclusive, DJ Envy revealed how he came clean to his wife about cheating on her.

DJ Envy is opening up about how he managed to come clean to his wife about cheating on her, and how they were able to stay together in spite of it.

More than a decade ago, Envy cheated on his wife, Gia Casey, with his former mistress, Erica Mena, who is now married to Safaree Samuels. At the time, it was a very messy scandal — one that quietly raged on until 2018 when Mena replied to a fan’s comment on Instagram, “Jus go tell his wife he thinking about me again,” adding: “I’m always being mentioned on his little platforms & if he keeps doing it one day I will have time to tell THE TRUTH on it all.” She followed up her comments with a video, venting to her followers.

Since then, besides the petty, passive aggressive tweet or Instagram caption here and there, things have seemingly blown over. So, what better time to reopen the case in a Behind Every Man exclusive, amirite?

Casey began by revealing how she initially heard about her husband’s infidelity. “I Googled his name,” she said, “A blog popped up. And when I clicked on the blog, I saw a conversation and one of the girls said to the other girl, ‘Well that’s why you’re with DJ Envy and his wife sits at home clueless.”

“She was like, ‘Hey,’” Envy chimed in. “‘If you got something to tell me, you need to tell me now.’ Of course like most men, it be like, ‘I ain’t got nothin’ to tell you, I don’t know what the hell you talkin’ about.’” Gia then revealed that Envy originally tried to deny the allegations and turn the tables on her for even implying he could do such a thing. “He was so infuriated that I would even suggest that he could do something like that to the woman that he loved more than life itself,” she said.

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“She was like, ‘I know. I want you to tell me. If you gon’ be a man, tell me,’ that’s how she found out. I told on myself,” Envy admitted.

Watch the full trailer for the episode below.

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