David Pablo Chukwuemeke, aged 22, an indigene of Agbor in Delta State who is based in Agbor, in delta State has taken to his heels to an unknown destination after several threats from a notorious cult group known as the national association of airlord, also known as supreme Eiye Confraternity after. much persuasion from the group to join them which he vehemently turned down.

Mr. David Pablo Chukwuemeke has visited the Nigerian Police to make reports on the persistent threats from the group where he also fielded questions from journalists, saying that the threat where coming as a result of him not accepting their invitation to join their group.
David Pablo revealed that the necessity to visit the Police’s office to make report came as a result of the gang’s threats that no one refuses their offer and lives.

According to him, “I was on my brother’s laundry shop alone one afternoon when two boys came to me, saying that they want to discuss something very important with me which according to them, is for my good.
“On hearing that, I gave them attention. And then, they told me that they were members of the Eiye Confraternity and that they want me to join them in order to have protection from any form of intimidation, and that they need intelligent and smart people like me in the group. But have heard of their notorious activities in the past and also, hearing my pastor preaching against bad gangs and their activities, I quickly rejected their offer and told them that I am not interested because I am a child of God.
Few days later, they visited me while I was on my way to to make shopping, asking if I have thought about their offer and made up my mind to follow them but told them that I am still standing my ground. Then, they told me that no one refuses their offer and lives.”
However, following the recent uproars in the Agbor on Saturday, August 30, 2014 where the Eiye Confraternity with other cult groups operated, they killed someone with a gun.
Speaking with the elder brother of David Pablo Chukwuemeke, Mr David Clings, he disclosed that his younger brother. David Pablo Chukwuemeke, gave several complains about the Eiye Confraternity threatening his life over joining their group, saying that the threats did not stop even after giving statement at the Police Station.
He disclosed that they had to send him away from the country with everything they had so as to spare his life and the life threats of his brother became severe.

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