Co Cash & MoneyBagg Yo Go Off On “Difference”

Memphis artist Co Cash continues to ascend in the rap game and he has certainly caught the attention of some pretty famous producers, such as Tay Kieth. Co Cash has also been able to impress his Memphis peers, including the likes of MoneyBagg Yo. In fact, Co Cash was able to secure a feature from MoneyBagg Yo on his brand new song called “Difference.”

This track has that Southern bounce you would expect from both artists as they trade fast bars all while rapping over some heavy production that will be perfect to get you hyped up for any occasion. These two certainly make a great team and we’re sure they will be collaborating again, in due time.

Quotable Lyrics:

Got her own bag but I went and bought another one (Yeah)
She got it in red but I went and bought the other one (Yeah)
She come from the North, fell in love with a Southern (Yeah)
Put my name on her ass, just to let ’em know who fuckin’ her (That’s Cash)

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