Chrisland school girl saga “My daughter has never touched the phone for the past two weeks”

The Chrisland school girl saga lingers on and just recently, news made round that the girl deleted her social media account and tendered an apology on social media.

According to PUNCH, the father of the girl in the said video has now come out to hint that the apology was from a fake account.

The Father averred that his daughter hasn’t touched the phone or been on the internet since the controversial video went viral and the account (likee) has been deleted but people still found a way to create a fake account with her identity.

In his words;

“My daughter has never touched the phone for the past two weeks. She has never touched anything Internet; those accounts are fake and we have deleted them as of Friday, 87 fake accounts.

“Can a 10-year-old girl delete social media? This child has never touched anything Internet or phone. She doesn’t have an account on (Likee). The account was closed as soon as we found out. These people (school) hid this thing for the past one month, we found out and raise the alarm.

“We are surprised that they started going to pick a child’s picture; like a child will stay in the house and snap a picture and start posting it, so we closed the account”

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