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Benue State University is a public university located in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. In 2006, the number of registered students was more than 19,000 served by 7 faculties, 23 departments. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs with a portfolio of more than 58 graduate programs across 9 colleges/faculties. It is accredited by the National University Commission. The current Vice Chancellor of Benue State University is Professor Tor Iorapuu, who succeeded Professor Msugh Moses Kembe on 3 November 2020


The school was established in 1992 and serves 306 students with 149 professors.[1] The university was established by the state government to enhance the specialized academic offerings of Makurdi Agricultural University. In 1991, the state government established a 13-member steering committee to plan and approve the university. The university began offering courses for the 1992/1993 academic year at four colleges:
Arts, education, science and social sciences.


Benue State University has eight faculties (college-level) units:


The University Libraries, University Libraries and Information Services (ULIS) Complex comprises units from the School of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Arts, Education, Environmental Sciences, Law, Science, and Science. social studies. Other unit libraries serve the Departments of Chemistry and Mass Communication. This library system began operating in makeshift wards when BSU was established in 1992. A new central library complex, built with funding from TETFund and designed to hold 45,000 books and 3,000 students, launched in August 2016.


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