“Be a man, step down, admit, congratulate Tinubu” – FFK to Peter Obi  

Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK), former aviation minister and head of the presidential campaign panel of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has urged the Labor Party’s presidential candidate to LP) Peter Obi conceded defeat after his last statement to challenge the results of the presidential election. Presidential election February 25.
Obi said while speaking on Arise TV on Monday that he would challenge the process that led to Radical Congress (APC) candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu being declared the winner.

His words:

“I’m not challenging who they declared. “I’m not challenging whatever the outcome, I’m challenging the process (through) which they arrived at their declaration.

“And unless we do that, we’re not going to stop the rascality we witnessed in that election.

“The process through which people come into the office is for me…far more fundamental than what they do thereafter. There is a process of doing things. There is a process of arriving at any destination. Like I said in my press conference if you’re going to answer ‘His Excellency’, the process of coming to that position must be excellent. If you’re going to be a Bishop, there’s a process of being a Bishop.”

However, in response to the interview of the former Governor of Anambra, FFK through its social network urged Obi to admit defeat and congratulate the President-elect.

He tweeted:

“Surrender loading! Poor confused soul, no longer making sense. My counsel? Be a MAN, withdraw the case, concede you LOST, reign in your supporters and congratulate our President-elect.”

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