BBNaija: “Micheal’s Manhood Is Small” – Angel Hints Jackie B


Angel and Jackie B, BBNaija housemates, were captured in an erotic chat about Michael’s manhood size.
It all started when Jackie B admitted to having feelings for Michael but being put off by the fact that she is a year older than him. Micheal is 29 years old, while she is 30.

“He’s cute, but he’s a year or two younger than I am. He’s 29 years old, and I’m 30. It’s not horrible, but he’s the one who attracts me the most out of all the males. Not entirely, but if I had to choose one out of everyone, it would be him.


“It’s not as if he wants to date or marry me. I like him despite the fact that his music is basically ‘cruise.’ I think he’s very intelligent and respectful.

When the two started talking about Michael’s manhood size, which Jackie B assumed to be ordinary, the topic became more interesting.

In response to Jackie B’s assertion, Angel stated that Michael has little masculinity, which she observed when he sat with a short.


Angel also advised Jackie B not to be discouraged by the fact that certain manhoods are often little before erection.

Jackie stated that she prefers men who are larger in stature.

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