Bamise Ayanwole Was Kidnapped In My Bus – BRT Driver

Bamise Ayanwole Was Kidnapped In My Bus – BRT Driver

Andrew Nice, the detained BRT bus driver, has described how Oluwabamise Ayanwole was kidnapped aboard his vehicle.

The 22-year-old, who had been reported missing, was discovered dead on Carter Bridge in Lagos Island’s Ogogoro Community on Monday.

Nice was eventually apprehended by Department of State Services (DSS) agents in Ogun State and turned over to the Lagos Police Command.

The BRT driver was paraded by Lagos Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alabi, at the Command’s headquarters in Ikeja following his arrest.

Nice revealed how the dead was kidnapped, saying he chose her from Chevron and three other men along the route.

The three passengers, according to the BRT driver, showed him their pistols and ordered him to cooperate.

Nice said that after viewing their guns, he was no longer himself since he obeyed their orders.

The BRT driver stated the perpetrators ordered him to stop and open the bus door when he arrived at Carter Bridge, as directed by them.

Nice said that three guys took Oluwabamise along with them when he opened the door.

He said that he couldn’t do anything as the deceased cried for rescue.

The driver said he fled rather than reporting the incident to the police because he was afraid.

Nice claims that:

“I picked her from Chevron, and the other three people from…I couldn’t be myself when those guys showed me his weapon when I was inside.”

“Fears have arrived, therefore I’ll do whatever the man with the pistol says.” I followed that Carter Bridge, that overhead bridge, and they told me to stop there. They said I should open the door, and when I did, they came down and started pulling her. I felt powerless when I saw her pleading for assistance.”

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