It’s only been days since Kodak Black has been granted new freedom, and the rapper is back in action. The first news we received about Kodak upon him receiving his presidential pardon from Donald Trump is that the rapper decided to get a few new tattoos dedicated to his attorneys, but he’s enjoying time at home in Florida with new ice and a reported Super Bowl party appearance. A clip of Kodak at the event has begun to circulate, and many have commented that the rapper not only has a new look but a new demeanor.

The Neighborhood Talk shared Kodak’s clip and it caused Asian Da Brat, or Asian Doll, to weigh in about Kodak’s journey. “He’s changed a lot cause he’s been through a lot from being in the highest maximum security prison in the US at his young age,” she commented. “Let’s not forget he was getting beat on by the guards writing letters acting us to HELP imagine that ….. so to me he look like he wanna break down.”

“Thank god but the cameras are out so he’s soaking up the good energy but definitely he’s BLESSED he was chosen by GOD to finish what he was born to do,” Asian Da Brat continued. “Kodak is about to BIGGER THEN EVER I’m happy he’s alive & free let’s PROTECT THIS BLACK MAN y’all if GOD can forgive him so can WE.”

Kodak Black is still facing a case in South Carolina where he stands accused of sexually assaulting a woman. It’s reported that prosecutors are trying to have him taken into custody for those charges. Check out Asian Doll’s post below.