A Loan Company Requires That I Take Out Another Loan

A Loan Company Requires That I Take Out Another Loan

I took out the money, and it was scheduled to be repaid yesterday.
I was waiting for finances somewhere so that I could pay off the loan on my own.

Then a lady from the company called and was just yelling; I wanted to tell her to be patient till 5p.m., but she wasn’t listening, she was just ranting and hanging up on me.

Fortunately for me, the money I was expecting arrived a few minutes later, and I immediately paid off the loan, but it appears the lady did not notice, and the application was not cleared.

I didn’t even recognize myself because my battery was low and I was in transit. Traffic in Lagos

Then, around 10p.m., I received another debit alert from the company. I immediately notified the lady over WhatsApp with the proof of payment I made earlier, and what she stated startled me.

She stated that the company cannot refund the money and that I should retain the debits alerts and take another loan, but I refused to say na my money I want, and she insisted that I take another loan.

I don’t want to take out another loan and am tired of dealing with loan sharks, but how can I get my money back, please?

Should I take the chance because I’m not sure what game she wants?

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