5 Nigerian Artistes You May Have Forgotten Existed (No. 3 Lost It Completely)

Over the years, we have been introduced to really talented acts who for a while achieved feats many hope to; top several charts, make the news, and altogether stay in our consciousness.

However, many of these act, somehow find it really hard to maintain that star power with some letting the fame get to their heads while other simply succumbed to the sheer pressure of fame and in no time faded into obscurity.

Today, we will be discussing 5 artistes in no particular order, who have since vanished from mainstream consciousness or are still hanging on by a very thin thread in our heads.

Below are 5 Nigerian artistes you may have forgotten existed:-

1. Waje

Waje found herself in the limelight following two features on Psqaure’s hit songs ”Omoge Mi” and “Do Me.

From then on this vocal powerhouse became a household name, featuring on several other songs and releasing two albums that were not a favorite amongst critics.

In no time, she became one of the hottest acts on the block, making the news, snagging nominations/awards, endorsement deals, you name it.

Until she slowly began to fizzle out of our consciousness. She attempted a comeback with a badly thought out PR move which did more harm than good for her career.

These days, we see her on ‘The Voice” throwing her shoes and screaming out ”Sing” the two effective things she seems to have a handle on these days.

2. Koker

Heap the blame on label issues or whatnot, it is however glaring something did assist Koker in finding a spot on the list of artists who we have since forgotten ever existed.

Koker dominated the airwaves in 2015 with a few smash songs, before dropping off the face of the Earth.

Kolewerk, “Do Something,” became more like the country’s national anthem but he has since failed to create any more good songs.

In 2017, he released ”Bokiniyen,” which was somewhat successful, but failed to meet the height of his previous smash hits.

3. Solidstar

For more than 5 years, Solidstar held many hearts in the palm of his hand.

He did with the stunning songs he released until suddenly taking a wrong turn between 2016 – 2017 With 4 albums under his belt alongside tons of smash hits, Solidstar is one act I pray makes a comeback.

Although he has been putting out records, none seem to have that sweet sweet vibe we have always known him for.

Sadly he is slowing fading into the abyss of insignificance.

4. Lil Kesh

Once upon a time, Lil Kesh was all over the radio and news, this was a young man with several hits in his bag, top features, bloggers stalking his page, and in a way, one of the few who could give some A-listers a run for their money.

Crickets found a way into his camp following his exit from YBNL in 2016 and the once upon a time raving new young act, who had the entire nation dancing ‘Shoki‘, who was pacified with the promise of remaining on the YBNL ‘James Bond’ began to fizzle out of mainstream consciousness.

Some days, he invokes the music spirit in him and creates when the spirit leads or he is needed on a song, on other days, he stays busy channeling his inner model.

So much for the noisy bickering of ‘he is the next rated artiste no one else.”

5. Iyanya

From winning the MTV Project Fame reality TV show in 2008, Iyanya struggled to remain atop his game hitting the jackpot in 2012 following the release of his hit track ”Kukere,” which went on to top different charts for several weeks, in turn helping him win recognition and award and of course he is a man who only feels sexy when he is half-naked.

He went on to release a couple of hit songs before issues started. He signed with Temple management, axed his relationship with Made Men Music which he owned with ex-business partner Ubi Franklin, got into a war of words with Ubi, had some sort of dealing with Don Jazzy, and most recently was arrested for car theft.

As far as music and music business is concerned, Iyanya is hastily fizzling out of our consciousness and he happens to be one artiste I hope finds his way back.

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