2023 guber: Obi/Datti movement merges with YPP in A’Ibom

The campaign movement Peter Obi-Yusuf Datti commonly known as ‘The Followers’ in Akwa Ibom State on Saturday 4 March broke its structure within the Young Radical Party, YPP for the election. elected the next governor on March 11 in this state.

This was stated in a press release signed by Otoabasi Asuquo and Engr Otoabasi Ntiah,  the organizer and coordinator of the movement in the state, respectively. The statement was read in an official statement supporting the YPP guber candidate, Senator Bassey Akpan in Uyo, the state capital.

Rejecting the suggestion that the Obi-Datti movement was for Labour, the union said:
“As Followers, we are not controlled by politics or the ideology of political parties. Instead, we are looking for candidates with good character, ability, skill, and compassion. We have chosen to nominate the best presidential candidate, Sir Peter Obi of the Labor Party because we see that he has the solution to Nigeria’s problems.

“In Akwa Ibom, after a lengthy meeting with all support groups that amounted to more than 100 people, we conducted a full background check on all governor candidates from political parties. different in the state. We used a formula called the 4 Cs – character, ability, skill, and compassion, and Senator Bassey Akpan fit right into the shoes.

The statement reads in part:
“As you know, the Obi-Datti movement crosses partisan lines. We are a group of like-minded people who aspire to a better Nigeria. We are passionate about good governance in our local and state communities. “We have learned our lesson. We will support the political party that supported our principal on February 25. We will be mobilizing all Obi-Datti structures in 4,354 polling stations to vote for the YPP in the March 11 gubernatorial election.

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“It should be noted that the Obi-Datti movement in Akwa Ibom State has worked extremely hard to ensure that our principal, Peter Obi, wins the February 25 presidential election in the state. , but these votes and the massive LP results humiliated the major political parties in the state that have been manipulated by the PDP at various INEC Neighborhood Collection Centers in all 31 Local Government Areas.

“YPP deserves all the support from the Docility Movement in Akwa Ibom State as they have given us so much love by standing side by side with the Docile Advocates to deliver our Director, Mr. Peter Obi within 4 354 polling stations in Akwa Ibom State. “In life, a good turning point has another value. YPP gubernatorial candidate, Senator Obong Bassey Albert,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               and his dear wife have always supported the realization of a new Nigeria together with Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed. Even when our people voted for Peter Obi, the PDP manipulated the results to make sure that Obi, our brother-in-law, lost to Akwa Ibom.

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“As we worked to free the masses of Nigeria from the slavery of the government of the time, we resolved to work and free Akwa Ibom’s brothers and sisters from the slavery of those who believed they had the right to decide who rules. ”

Speaking earlier,  Akwa Ibom Non-Indigenous Coordinator and General Chairman of the Igbo Community in the state, Chief Sunday Orie called the endorsement spectacular saying it was because Senator Albert had endorsed it. declared their support for Peter Obi, their brother, and assigned his local government to run for President, it was their responsibility to return the favor by supporting him in the March 11 gubernatorial election.

While praying for victory and safety, Sheriff Orie urged people not to be discouraged by the February 25 experience, but to make a bold statement with their PVC.

Receiving the endorsement, Senator Akpan thanked the ‘Obidients’ for the show of love and confidence reposed in him, promising not to let them down.

He also promised to create an enabling environment for the traders that are majorly Igbos to do their business without overbearing taxation as they currently face and promised to create the Office of Non-Indigenes or Special Assistants where their welfare and concerns would be channeled to.

Senator Akpan urged the people to vote for him promising to secure his votes across the state even as he said he will not allow PDP to repeat what it did during the February 25 presidential election.

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