AFTERMATH OF XENOPHOBIA: NEO OSHO DECLARED MISSING The Osho kindred of Irun Akoko Community in Akoko North West Local Government Area of Ondo State have declared one of their grandsons, Neo Osho missing. The declaration about the missing Neo Osho was made known at an enlarged annual August meeting of Osho kindred held in August … Read more

The Story of the 2nd Iyalode of Ibadan, Efunsetan Aniwura

In the Nigerian traditional system, research has revealed that women, especially the only woman in the ranks of high chiefs in the palace, are usually not recognized unless they exhibit a significant feature or they are known to reckon with for their exceptional skills and prowess. The only woman who exhibits the same power as … Read more

The Origin of Osu Caste Culture in Igboland

In Nigeria, religion and culture are interwoven. Despite that the two major concepts are significant, they are reportedly the major cause of conflicts in Nigeria’s social system. While religion in some regions of the country is what defines them, some believe that culture is the original reason for living. However, some scholars have indicated that both religion … Read more

The Origin of Kola nut

When you see people breaking kola nuts, it is an atmosphere of joy—it could be that they are getting married, they are blessing their new child, or they are celebrating the prosperity in their community. Whatever the celebration is, just know that kola nut is not found in a place of weeping and sorrow. All … Read more

The Story Behind Penkelemesi

The Story Behind Penkelemesi Before Nigeria’s independence on October 1, 1960, there were notable politicians who ensured representation of the people by creating political structures and movements for the emancipation from colonial rule to a sovereign state. These movements were created to maintain people-oriented agitations during colonial rule. There were prominent politicians such as Obafemi Awolowo, Anthony Enahoro, … Read more

Sosoliso Plane Crash of 2005

Sosoliso Plane Crash of 2005 On the 10th of December 2005, Nigeria experienced a tragic airline disaster that cannot be forgotten in history. The crash, according to reports, happened between Port Harcourt and Abuja and claimed the lives of about 108 people, leaving just two survivors. The airline crash, popularly known as the Sosoliso crash, is Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 (SO1145/OSL1145), an … Read more

Osun State Election: the Past and the Present

Osun State, known as Ipinle Osun in the Yoruba language, is a state in southwestern Nigeria. The Yoruba ethnic group, particularly the Ibolo, Ife, Igbomina, Ijesha, and Oyo subgroups, make up the majority of the population in Osun State. Some states were divided up into many Western Yoruba towns during the pre-colonial era; Osun State was one of the town-based at the time, … Read more

The Nigerian National Anthem

As a student, you are compelled to recite the national anthem either in primary or secondary school or even in tertiary institutions (especially during formal gatherings). Sometimes, you are beaten for not singing it out loud during assemblies and not correctly reciting it to rhyme with the drums. The Nigerian national anthem, both the old … Read more

The Flag of Nigeria

The independence of Nigeria on October 1, 1960, led to the need to change some policies and rules of the colonial masters, including the national anthem, pledge, and flag. This liberation gave Nigerians the confidence that they were finally free to make their own laws and set their own structures and rules as a unified entity, without the … Read more