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BBNaija Day 10: Stormy winds

BBNaija Day 10: Stormy winds

The ships in the House have been hit by the stormy winds and their ships face an uncertain future.

Love is a beautiful thing, but beneath that beauty lies complications. The Lockdown Housemates are finding out how complicated this thing called love is.

You feel threatened!

With Prince’s interest in Nengi, Ozo position in her life seems threatened. In a bid to not find out the unsettling truth that he may now be the crowd to their company, he decided the best move was to hit the exit. While discussing the situation with Dorathy, she found it amusing that Ozo wanted to untangle himself from the entanglement he was in with Nengi and Prince. Especially because not too long ago she was also in one with him and Nengi. “This is the same thing that happened between the three of us and now it is happening between you, Nengi and Prince and now you are trying to eject yourself,” she said. Disclosing further, Ozo said, “she (Nengi) feels I am avoiding her. “Are you not,” Dorathy responded. “You are a bloody coward… it was almost as if you were putting too much effort to avoid her and that’s so childish,” Dorathy said, disapprovingly about Ozo’s attitude towards the issue. This entanglement may have upset Ozo way more than he’s letting on, but he insisted that he never lets emotions get to him.

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Having the talk

Earlier Lilo complained to Biggie about Eric being a distraction and contemplated avoiding him, but that didn’t last long as the two were back in bed and this time, it was to define the terms of their relationship. “What are we doing? We are just having fun in the House, yeah?” Eric asked. He expressed that he felt they could be real but he really wants to know where he stands so he doesn’t do the most in the House while uncertain of what lies outside. Lilo responded that when it came to Eric she felt certain things and liked being around him, but “I won’t tell you I’m not in a relationship when I really am,” she said as the conversation broached the relationship she was in outside the House. She also expressed uncertainty about Eric wanting to be with her outside the House. She suggested they take it slow and see how it turns out.

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This uncertainty didn’t stop you from rooting for them

You also saw that nothing good might come off it

He is not my boyfriend

All isn’t well between Vee and Neo. She complained to Lilo about the silent treatment she was getting from Neo. “We haven’t been talking for a while, I will continue carrying on like I usually do until he is ready to come around.” Lilo who just had the talk with Eric encouraged Vee to also have the same with Neo. “You guys should have the talk and if he doesn’t say anything, you can let it go,” she said. Vee expressed her frustration with his mood swings and that even though she liked him, she wasn’t going to stress for anybody. “If he has the guts to sleep in this bed and not tell me what’s wrong, I’d gladly sleep off,” she said.

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