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#BBNaija Day 10: Not listening leads to losing

#BBNaija Day 10: Not listening leads to losing
Once again the Big Brother Housemates turned an opportunity to shine into a loss.

It became obvious how much of a difference a leader can make in Biggie’s House today. Another opportunity for the Housemates to turn a Task into a win for their team, and neither the grey nor black team could seize it.

The trouble started this afternoon when Head of House Lucy had been given the information for the Task to be played.  As she read it aloud, with each passing sentence the Housemates confusion about what was required grew. The Housemates were so bewildered with her attempt to explain, that the Deputy Head of House, Prince had to read again the Task’s instructions to everyone. The Tasks’ core focus was on organisation without communication. Each team had to arrange themselves as quickly as possible according to the round’s requirements, without saying a word or signalling. The topics for the four rounds they played, for which the teams had to arrange themselves were, (1) Birthdays (2) Shoe Size (3) Age (4) States of origin.

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Even though the rules stated that there should be no talking and signalling whatsoever, the Housemates failed to listen to this instruction and had to be reminded and reprimanded by Biggie after the first round. After the warning, the communication did become nonverbal, but sadly it was too late. Even though they understood, there were still moments where the need to use words became too great to overcome, and the Housemate’s broke the game’s most sacred law.

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Upon completing the Task, the Housemates all sat in the living room awaiting Biggie’s verdict on a winner. Biggie decreed that since both the grey and black teams had broken the rules of the Task, they both failed and there was no winner. Their punishment for the glorious loss was that both teams would have to clean the House on alternating days making sure it is sparkling and spotless when done.

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If the Housemates can’t work together in silence and struggle to get along when they can speak, maybe communication isn’t the only issue needing to be resolved in Big Brother Naija

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