I Was The Bad Person At Tottenham-Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen has finally broken his silence. One week after completing his long-anticipated move out of Tottenham Hotspur and to Inter Milan in a deal worth just over £17m, Eriksen spoke exclusively to the BBC about his Tottenham tenure and his desire to leave.

It’s as open as we’ve ever heard Eriksen in an interview. We’ve seen plenty of interviews with the Danish playmaker before but he’s never been as clear about his wants or desires as he is here. Even so, there’s a sense that Christian is still guarding himself and even holding back a little bit in his answers the questions asked him.The full interview is worth reading and digesting because it gives a look at Eriksen’s mindset over the past few months and even years. The clearest thing to emerge from Eriksen’s talk with the BBC is how the constant speculation about his Tottenham future wore at him.

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“Yes. England, for the last few years, was very hectic. After what I said in the summer, it was just about ‘when is he going to leave?’ Every game it was ‘Is he leaving? Is he not leaving?’ Of course, a lot of people were speaking about it.

”Even the fans you see on the street were like ‘Thank you, goodbye and good luck’. But I was still there. It was a bit weird. In my head and for my body, it is good that I am in a new place and I can start again.”

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“But that is the thing. If you have a short contract, you will be the black sheep. Of course, I did the interview. I was very honest. I felt I had to be honest. I didn’t want to hide like a lot of players do. Everyone is different. I was honest. I wanted to say it out loud.

”I did get the blame for a lot of stuff, for being the bad guy. I read I was the bad person in the changing room, that ever since I said I wanted to leave, it was no good me being there. To be honest, over the last few years, if anything came up, any player would think about leaving but I was the guy who said it publicly.

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