xenophobia: South Africa Deports 10,000 fake Migrants



Wednesday been 11th of sept.2019, the committee of south Africa dept. Of home affairs reported that in the first six months of 2019 ,about 10,000 illegal migrants hv been deported from south Africa
The spokesman siya Qoza also stated d fact DAT it was to reduce illegal migration and secure the country’s borders,
He also stated that this deportations tks place often wit a prescribed civilized method
In his speech he added that during dis same period about 1,048 employers were charged for default in immigration laws and he pointed out that about half of defaulters were in Gauteng
In order to preserve and secure deir country ,the govt aff decided to close down private business owners who do not obey the immigration laws.
The spokesman Qoza added dat d dept had planned implementing the border management authority in the nxt year financial year in order to secure d borderline and deir country as a whole
He also said that the border management authority ll epp them secure d borderline
Qoza concluded DAT having dis management ll EPP them secure d borders and also knw people around d border

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