Nigeria Is Experiencing Severe Climate Change-Buhari
Buhari To Present 2020 Budget Next Tuesday – Senate

Nigeria Is Experiencing Severe Climate Change said President Buhari during his speech while in New York

During his meeting with Nigerian Youths Climate Group just before he departed for Abuja, the President said:

“Nigeria is a neighbour to the Sahara Desert; Lake Chad is shrinking, while the population is exploding. It’s a challenging situation. With less land, less rainfall, these are very unique problems for the country.”

According to Esther Agbarakwe, one of the leaders of the youth group, “This is the first time we are seeing a President sit with us. It gives us hope. We, young people, understand the problems, and are in the vanguard of advocacy. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Climate Change Department works with us for solutions.”

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