Here is all you need to know about Mad Melon of ‘Danfo Drivers’

Here is all you need to know about the late Mad Melon of the ‘Danfo Drivers.’ 

In music, influence and legacy can be hard to judge, but Mad Melon and Moutain Black are pop culture titans in Nigeria.

On September 26, 2019, Nigerian music lost a pivotal figure. After a battle with illness, he passed away. He was known as the Mad Melon.

Alongside Mountain Black, he was half of the duo affectionately dubbed ‘Danfo Drivers’ by the Nigerian mainstream.

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While Pulse has reached out to his close associates, it is yet to get any word. May his soul rest in peace.

But as we wait, the moment requires us to revisit the life of one of Nigeria’s most impactful acts of the past 20 years.

Who was ‘Mad Melon’?

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Mad Melon’s page in history might only be as half of a much-celebrated duo, but what he meant to Nigerian is much bigger than the music. The music he made alongide Mountain Black was pivotal to both pop culture and counter culture.

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